Minden Classics Series
The MINDEN CLASSICS SERIES is a expanding collection of inexpensive wargame titles that have been out of print, but have been professionally republished  in book format. They cover a wide variety of topics, game systems, and eras, and the series will largley be made up of small designs that were originally published in Panzer Digest or Panzerschreck magazine. Many of the titles are solitaire designs.  All game components, rules, tables, and background material are found within the pages of each volume. These are complete games... you simply need to scan and print any components on your own.

All books in the Minden Classics series are available for purchase directly from Minden (visit the ORDERING PAGE), as well as via Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  This latter option is particularly suited for those living in Great Britain (or Europe) as significant savings may be had on postage/delivery costs, so we invite you to look for Minden products there.  Each of the games exemplifies Minden's traditional design goals of high historicity and high playability.

Regular books involve passive learning; readers receive the words and arguments presented. Minden Classics are interactive, in that you are invited to take an active role in learning through the playing of a simulation game on your table top. These games of strategy allow you to understand and better appreciate historical events while having fun doing so.  

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Siege of Leningrad is vol. 1 in the Minden Classics series. This is a 58-page illustrated book containing a solitaire WW2 logistics game, simulating (in abstract manner) the famous siege of Leningrad during the Second World War. As the Russian, the player must juggle limited resources, respond to random events, husband supplies, and try to survive the 900-day siege. Either scan and print off game components, or remove pages containing components (enough equipment provided for playing four times in this manner).  Or, you can use the "Pencil Mode" method also described.  Originally appearing in the pages of Panzerschreck magazine,  this unique solitaire game is once again available in print. 
Solitaire WW2 Wargames is vol. 3 in the Minden Classics series.  It is a 48-page illustrated book containing three strategy card games originally appearing in issues of Panzer Digest magazine. Stringbag lets you fly Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers against axis warships. Sniper Attack puts you in the role of a sniper, trying to pick off high value targets while remaining undiscovered. Penal Battalion is a quick game on an off-beat topic: mine clearing. All three are solitaire games on World War Two topics, and are highly playable with excellent reply value. All you supply is a standard deck of playing cards, and you will be ready to go.